Feng Shui Module 2

Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 2 (FSM2)  takes the Feng Shui practitioner’s skill to a Professional Consultant level. Building on the knowledge and foundation in classical Feng Shui theory garnered in M1, M2 provides a more advanced and in-depth understanding of the systems introduced in M1, such as Eight Mansions, Xuan Kong Flying Star and San He and introduces students to theories that are found only in the classical Feng Shui texts, which exit only in Chinese.
Students to gain a broader understanding of all these systems and an overall macro picture of Classical Feng Shui theories. M2 also hones students analytical and judgment skills, introduces and refines their Luo Pan skills and their application of correct theories and remedies to situations. Upon completing M1 and M2, students will be equipped to practice Feng Shui professionally, with the skills, judgment and knowledge needed to perform audits on both residences and offices and learn to apply multiple systems of Feng Shui.
Available to students participating in M2 is a closed-door forum at the Mastery Academy Online Community. 
At the Forum, students will be able to continually interact with the instructors to gain more knowledge, clarify doubts and uncertainties and receive regular research updates via mail. This unique method of continuing education ensures that students that have completed M2 remain at the forefront of Feng Shui practices and knowledge.

Successful completion of Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 1 (M1)


Interactive Lecture Sessions, accompanied by a specifically designed complimentary Workbook and Experiential Learning through Case Studies and practical experiences of Lead Instructors.


  • Learn practical applications of different Feng Shui Systems
  • Develop advanced understanding and knowledge of Eight Mansions, Xuan Kong Flying Star and San He systems and learn predictive techniques
  • Expand on Luo Pan skills
  • Sharpen analytical and judgment skills
  • Develop professional skills required to be a Feng Shui Practitioner, including, how to conduct an audit and conduct a consultation.



Form and Environment

  • Qi and the Environment
  • Dragons and Tigers
  • Sheng Qi and Sha Qi – Recognising, Enhancing, Deflecting
  • Terrain, Landscape and the impact on Flying Star Charts
  • Water Flow and Directional Influence

Advanced Eight Mansions ( Ba Zhai)

  • Luo Shu for Ba Zhai
  • Ba Gua and Directional Forces
  • 5 elements of Ba Gua
  • Ba Zhai Wandering Stars
  • Ba Gua and Changing Lines
  • Life Gua and its Influence
  • House Gua and its Influence
  • Practical Application of Eight Mansions Feng Shui – Formulas and Classical Practices
  • Advanced Eight Mansions and Sophisticated Eight Mansions
  • Advanced Eight Mansions and Flying Stars – Simultaneous Application

Introduction to San He (Three Harmony) Feng Shui

  • The 24 mountains in Eight Mansions
  • Five Ghosts Carry Treasure Formation
  • Eight Killing Forces
  • Eight Death Road Formations
  • Death and Emptiness Lines in the Luo Pan
  • Peach Blossom Formation
  • Yin and Yang of the San He Luo Pan

San Yuan (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) Flying Stars Feng Shui

  • Mountain vs Water Principle
  • 8 Sectors vs 9 palaces
  • Xuan Kong Qi Distribution
  • All Flying Star Combinations and their Interpretations as extracted from various distinctive Feng Shui Classics
  • Special Charts and special combinations of Flying Stars
  • Changing the period Charts
  • Advanced theories and concepts
  • Applications of Big Tai Ji and Small Tai Ji
  • Dimensions and Space to manipulate the influence of the Flying Stars.
  • How to alter Flying Stars of a building.
  • Theories and concepts extracted from the Classical San Yuan Feng Shui texts
  • San Yuan Feng Shui for large and small scale audits
  • Practical case studies from the Ancient Feng Shui Classics
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