Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui CONSULTATION - what is it all about ? 

An expert in Feng Shui examines the place/space you indicate: your company, office, house, apartment to determine how it is useful/harmful 

- to specific people 
- to your future achievments 
- in specified periods of time. 

A Feng Shui expert will help you understand the meaning and causesof past events and define the possibilities you have, related to that specific place/space. 
In other words – what you can 'squeeze out' of the area in question and what you cannot without introducing some changes (meaningless or important). 

Technically speaking, a Feng Shui expert needs from you : 
- maps or plans of the place / space in question (your own drawing is acceptable) 
- birthdates (inhabitants, owners, bosses, other important people) 
- an overview of the problems to solve and your expectations 

First meeting 

A Feng Shui expert meets you at the premises and using Luo Pan (a Feng Shui compass), measures and observes: 
a. house / company building environment (land, streets, rivers, trees, neighboring    houses and other objects in view 
b. entry door (how it is situated in the building and which direction faces (North, East,    etc.) 
c. kitchen and bathroom / toilet – how they are situated (IMPORTANT!) 
d. where is: your master bedroom and your bed / director’s cabinet, meeting room,   accounting
e. how does the Chi energy works (in your favor or not) in the premises (part of the   time aspect in Feng Shui included in the San Yuan system) 

Next meeting

A Feng Shui expert forwards to you his/her suggestions in writing and discuss them with you in detail. Such meeting takes up to two hours of your time. 

I. Feng Shui for your family and home 

A Feng Shui expert finds out what the (potential/existing) dangers have been determined and suggests how to deal with them. Having done that, your goals will be achieved , let’s say, automatically – there will be no more obstacles to them. 

Sometimes, however, the problem cannot be solved easily, and you need to compromise or… to wait patiently for a better timing . 

It is rare, there is nothing you can do about the situation. 
BUT, quite often, the changes required demands you give up something you are used to. For instance: ‘This bed has always been in this corner and I’m not gonna change this now!’. Think differently: ‘What would I be willing to change to avoid a severe sickness? ‘ The answer is obvious, isn’t it? 
On the other hand, without even admitting it , we wonder what the neighbors, stepparents or friends say when we introduce some changes. 

Let’s not forget – it’s our life we are taking care of – not others! 

In case changes are to be applied, the priority goes to the parents – their well-being influences other family members. If they get sick, are jobless or quarrel - the kids’ happiness will be disturbed even with the ideal Feng Shui in their bedroom. 

To sum up – there is no equality in Feng Shui. There is always the one to get the first price. 

II. Feng Shui at your work place 

Here, sometimes the situation is even harder – obviously, because it’s the boss who has to accept the suggested changes. 
In every case, the company will succeed only if the boss’s (bosses’) Feng Shui works fine. Therefore, they are the Feng Shui expert’s top priority. 

ATTENTION ! Events – positive or negative – MAY but DOESN’T HAVE to happen. 
It all depends on the conditions. 

The Chinese believe our wel-lbeing (or its lack) comes from three sources: 
1. Destiny and happiness (‘Heaven Luck’, the one that comes with us at birth and the   one we cannot control) 
2. ‘Man Luck’ – we reach it through our study, work, perseverance in accomplishing    our goals, doing good deeds. 
3. ‘Earth Luck’ – depends on our place on the Earth, the timing and the space    involved. 

This third aspect, we call it Feng Shui. 
It is worth to take care of the place we live and work in since it is crucial to our Luck. 

Look at the animal world. They ALWAYS choose their shelters carefully and build them following specific rules.

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