Mian Xiang

Mian Xiang (pronounce: “myan syang”) – Chinese art of Face Reading.

It is a part of Physiognomy, study – one of the Five Chinese Arts (Wu Xu) related to the shape and features of a human face as well as of a piece of land in question.

Every human face can be read as a map of  a 100 years old person.

Mian Xiang is a highly efficient method of defining man’s options in life, health, character and wealth in specific periods of time. All this based on the observation of the person’s ears, eyes, forehead, nose and mouth.

Your face is like an open book – tells if you are an honest and trustful person, a prosperous  businessman hiring a big number of employees or a housewife looking for a baby sitter.

The usefulness of this course  for:

  • businessmen
  • psychologists, coaches, training specialists
  • physicians (occidental and traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Feng Shui and BaZi experts
  • HR specialists as well as people working in public relations and image creating business
  • all those who are interested to learn about the subject from a credible source cannot be underestimated, can it?

Joey Yap designed this course referring to the traditional sources such as ‘Shen Xiang Chuan Pian”, “Shen Xiang Tie Guan Dao” as well as to his own experiences in face reading.

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