Ba Zi

Every human being, regardless his roots, education or wealth, tries to live a good life. 
It doesn’t mean the same for everybody. We all need home, family, friends, a job and possibility to improve ourselves and to relax.

And, last but not least, some sense of security.

Lucky ones manage to achieve these goals, other don’t. 
Taking a different perspective, it is possible in some periods of time, impossible in others. How can we find out when the right time is coming?

How can we get to know ourselves? Our partners? How to understand and be supportive to our kids? When take risks and when to keep quite? 
Who to live and who to work with? Whom to avoid? When?
Such questions attack us every single day.

BaZi comes as a truly helpful solution.

It is also known under the name of Four Pillars of Destiny, one of the most important, if not the core, systems of the Chinese astrology.

Even if BaZi is hundreds of years old and it comes from China, it can be used and profitable anywhere anytime.

As in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Feng Shui, theories of Yin and Yang and Theory of Five Elements are the basics of BaZi.

The word ‘astrology’ makes us automatically think of stars or planets. 
Their influence, however, is definitely weaker in BaZi than in the western astrology. 
Our starting point for the BaZi is a birth date – year, month, day and hour (four factors = Four Pillars of Destiny).

Based on these four elements, you can acknowledge your options and limits in life. 
If – which is often the case – you don’t know the hour of your birth, it is still possible to learn a great deal about yourself and use this information to improve the quality of your life.


-  helps to learn, understand and accept facts about yourself and other people
-  discovers our potential and tells us how and when it should be developed
-  points at our limits and weaknesses and suggests how to deal with them
-  tells us about the possibility of having or not a family and kids
-  describes our personal relationships (with partner, kids, parents, siblings)
-  indicates our financial  prospects.

BaZi  cannot be underestimated in finances and business:

-  indicates the best area of business you should get into, your personal strengths and positions you should consider as best for you
-  tells you who whether you have chances to be efficient as a boss, a perfect team worker or an independent specialist
-  explains who, when, with whom and under which conditions can work and who will  have problems in the work field
-  points to wealthy times for the company, and when its owners should be careful (about what or whom?)
-  lets you know whether  you are a potential leader, businessman, merchant, scientist negotiator, inventor; have linguistic or administrative skills; speaks brilliantly in public
-  informs if you are hard worker, persistent, versatile, quick/slow learner, spontaneous  or think traditional way; if you are in line with the law or the opposite; do you bribe   or being bribed; if you are trustful and loyal
-  IMPOTRANT: the BaZi analysis tells you clearly if you should deal with business    and money DIRECTLY, and if so, should you choose a big company to work with  or found your own business (by yourself or with partners)

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