BaZi Mastery Module 1 (BZ M1)

This is a Foundation course designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the principles of BaZi. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles and essential theories of BaZi and then taught the practical skills needed to analyse and apply BaZi.
In BZ M1 students will learn how to extract the basic BaZi data and the basic elements of BaZi such as Heaven-Earth-Man relationships, Yin and Yang, Qi, Five Elements and key calculations needed to arrive at accurate and precise conclusions about chart data.
At the end of this course, students will be able to apply simple BaZi analysis and interpretation techniques on their own BaZi data and perform basic readings and interpretations for clients.
This course is suited to individuals with no or little knowledge of BaZi or practitioners seeking to gain formal certification or strengthen their theoretical understanding and knowledge of BaZi and the key basic theories.

Interactive Lecture Sessions, accompanied by a specifically designed complimentary Workbook and Experiential Learning through Case Studies and practical experiences of Lead Instructors.
Course Pre-Requisite: None


  • Provide a quick and effective foundation to students in the principles and theories of BaZi
  • Equip students with key skills of analysis, judgment and application to enable them to apply BaZi
  • Understand the underlying different theories and schools of thought and reconcile the contrasting theories

What is BaZi?

  • Jia Zi and the Eight Pillars
  • Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, Man Luck
  • Yin, Yang, Five Elements, Qi, Stems and Branches
  • Classical and Modern Ba Zi

BaZi Application

  • Combinations, Clashes, Harms, Destruction, Punishment Relationships
  • Relationships between the Elements and 10 Gods

BaZi Practice

  • Making Predictions
  • Correct and Accurate Readings
  • Analysis practice through Case Studies
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