Xuan Kong

Xuan Kong (pronaunce ‘shwen kong’) is the best way for all interested in Feng Shui to develop their skills acquired on previous courses.

In the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics™, Xuan Kong is seen as a separate and more advanced series of courses since it combines Feng Shui and divination.

In the Feng Shui context, Xuan Kong belongs to one of the two systems – San Yuan, where timing is critical. 
However, in both systems – San Yuan (so obviously Xuan Kong as well) and San He (focusing on the space aspects) we work simultaneously, on both, time and space aspects.

Xuan Kong includes a well known technique Fei Xing – Flying Star. 
But be careful!

Xuan Kong and Fei Xing are not equal. Flying Star (Fei Xing) includes about 10% of the Xuan Kong principles. It is only the starting point for further contemplation of the subject.

The core of Xuan Kong, as of many other principals in Chinese Five Arts, are: 
Yi Jing (I Cing – The Book of Changes), theories Yin and Yang and Five Elements, He Tu and Luo Shu orders, Trigrams, Early and Later Heaven Ba Gua.




1. PACE & PRECISION. Faster, individualized and more precise diagnosis of the site's

    potential, in the light of the iclients' issues and needs.

2. PROBLEM SOLVING. With the help of the advanced Five Elements Theory - ability to

    solve or effectively help in solving severe problems like: bad habits (smoking,

    alcoholism and other eddictions), effective diet, timidness, depression, workoholism,

    obsessions, procrastination etc.

3. ALL about SHAPES. Relation between the shape of land and the shape of the

    building. When are the irregular shapes good and helpful?

4. The ROLE of the FLOOR....depending on the person's Gua, time, geografical sector,

    main door location. All this counts. Extremely important for appartments owners!

5. COMBINATIONS. They are everywhere! Most powerful in the external environment.

    We will learn how to interprete the surrounding area, natural phenomena, situations

    and objects as STARS. How to creatively understand the 81 stars combinations and

    translate them into the every day life context.

6. STARS again. Star is not the same as Gua. Different roles of the Earth stars (2,5,8).

    They are all usefull, including the 5!

7. START and FINISH. Birth and Success. The importance of the place and time of

    taking a specific action. "If I started here, the result must be this and be seen

    there!" In other words, how to influence places which we even can't enter (!)

8. STAGES of QI ...and their influence on the strength real influence of the stars.

    When a good sector will acutally bad, and a bad sector will be good.

9. HETU, LUO SHU, GUA again! The old and the very new perspective and practical



1. The STARS in the NEIGHBOURHOOD. The influence of the external forms depending

    on the geographical sector

2. The best technics to be used in APPARTMENTS (cntd).

3. RELATIONS between STARS ... depending on the Qi Stage. When Sheng Qi sees Sar

    Qi, this is not the same as when Sheng Qi sees TUI QI. Every star can be good and

    bad => how to find out when it will be good?

4. SPECIAL STRUCTURES of land and houses.

5. PURPLE WHITE - stars characteristics. (advanced version)

6. Purple White Stars versus HEALTH

7. Purple White Stars versus CARRIER

8. Castle Gate and CASTLE GATE THEORY - it is not the same!

9. JOEY YAP's LIFE PALACE technique. Extremely important and useful! YOUR OWN

    most important area and specific methods of interpretation.

10. And MUCH MORE....

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