Anna Sztandera

A graduate of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw.
Once a high-performance sportswoman (handball player), stewardess at LOT Polish Airlines for several years, and in the 90s a marketing specialist at international concerns (Unilever, United Biscuits, Diageo).

She has studied and practiced Chinese metaphysics (including, among others: Feng Shui, Xuan Kong, Bazi and Mian Xiang) since 1997.
Since 2001 he has been dealing with Feng Shui professionally, running the company Dom Feng Shui, which since July 2006 changed its name to Master Consulting and from June 2019 Anna Sztandera Expertise.

She completed all currently available courses at the world's leading school - Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics ™ in Malaysia. She is a licensed instructor and representative of this school in Poland.

In addition to the licensed Mastery Academy courses which Anna runs in Poland:

- Feng Shui Module 1
- Feng Shui Module 2
- BaZi Module 1
- BaZi Module 2

She is also an author of her own courses and workshops.

In addition to the educational services Anna Sztandera Expertise offers commercial and individual consultations in Feng Shui and BaZi all over Poland and Europe. The aim and mission is to help her clients to discover and fully utilize of their life potential - including the terrain (house and office) they live and work in.

Anna gives lectures, organizes courses and workshops for companies and individuals – in both, Polish and English

  • Courses 2019/2020
    • 06.12. 2019 FENG SHUI for Wealth (for practitioners, in Antwerp)
    • 07.12. 2019 Chinese New Year TALK (in English, for all, in Antwerp)
    • 08.12. 2019 Chinese New Year WORKSHOP (for practitioners, in Antwerp)
    • 14-15.12. 2019 1. PIERWSZY KROK W NOWY ROK Feng Shui, Ba Zi & Qi Men 2020 (in Polish, advanced group, in Warsaw)
    • 24.01. 2020 godz.17:30 - 21:30 Chinese New Year TALK (in Polish, for all, in Warszaw)
    • 25-26.01. 2020 2. DRUGI KROK W NOWY ROK Feng Shui, Ba Zi & Qi Men 2020 (in Polish, advanced group, in Warsaw)
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