Ze Ri 4 in 1

The Chinese Art of Date Selection course: 8 – 11 October 2020

Do the right thing at the right time in the right place.

We all know this sentence. Yes, the time factor is crucial. To select a good date has always been important. Not to make miracles, but – at least :) - to help us achieve what we want. When the year is coming to an end – we all start our preparations for the next year. And this is the moment when the skill of selecting dates becomes really useful. The Chinese art of date selection is called Ze Ri Xue. There are many date selection courses on line these days. Dato Joey Yap has just started his life planning programme where he combines quite interestingly the life coaching aspects with the date selection for beginners. In fact not beginners will benefit too. :)
I am interested and professionally involved in date selection for quite a long time. Fo the last few years am preparing my own Tong Shu calendars – the Monthly Personalized version (the general version as well) and in the paper book format an elegant version of the Monthly Tong Shu calendar combined with the ZeRi guide in one. The last one is only available in Polish only. The Monthly Personalized is available in both languages, English and Polish. I will write about it later.
Today I just want to invite those of you who know BaZi and even have some ZeRi background, plus are interested in the implementation of ZeRi in their Feng shui practice (crucial!) to join my online course ZeRi – Date Selection 4 in 1. When? Very soon – this weekend. Long weekend actually, as we start on the 8th October and finish on the 11th. And this is a full time course – reserve 7 hours for it. Or… attend as long as it is convenient to you, since the course is video recorded and you will receive it afterwards, together with the coursebooks.

This course is not designed for the absolute beginners. It is for the middle and higher level participants. The BaZi knowledge – basics at least is a must – as we will spend some time on personalisation of our date choices. Based on the materials from the course you will be able to select an event that you plan to organise or attend in three years time. Or anytime. So you are not dependent on the tong shu calendars – you may, in fact create your own calendar. You will learn how to use various Shen Sha stars, how to plan dates – for the immediate results using the Xuan Kong Da Gua or Qi Men Dun Jia techniques, and when we may combine the methods for a better results. YES, we do combine the methods. Not all of them, of course. YES, I help you choose good dates for the upcoming year too. Anyhow, the price is reasonable, the certificate (1) available – have a look at the information attached.


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